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Login with email vs. username

Posted: March 7th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Good practices | Tags: , , , | 13 Comments »

Today we’ll discuss why is much better to ask the user to login with email/password instead of username/password. I’ll be short and punctual, i don’t like long blabbing articles the essence of which can be written in a line, so:

  1. The email address can’t be already registered (obviously), and if it is, you registered it and you can request a new password
  2. As a consequence of the above, the user can’t forget his email. You may be having what, 2-3 email addresses? You can’t forget them
  3. One less field on the register form. Everybody hates long forms
  4. You make the users use a real name, instead of s_87757 or pinkygirl1995 or other crap like that

If you think of something else, drop a line and i’ll add reasons.