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So wrong on so many levels

Posted: October 19th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: Patterns, Usability fail | Tags: , , | 1 Comment »

I have update the “All in one seo pack” for wordpress and it insisted that i update the configuration page. I went and checked the page an this is what i have found:


It amazes me how awful is this form made, I think it’s deliberately made so you fuck up. Let’s see why:

1. the “Reset” option in on the right. (I’m not saying the submit must be on the right, but it’s the most common that way)
2. the “Reset” button is bigger and has the same design as the “Update” button. That and 1. makes it most likely to be pressed first
3. both buttons have the same design, hence they are equally important? i don’t think so, the call to action button must be the “update” button. Keep in mind that “Reset” is a destructive action.
4. what’s with the “>>” ? the arrows on the first button point to the second, which kindda’ makes the second the call to action, but the arrows on the second? there’s no extra step, there’s only a form.

One Comment on “So wrong on so many levels”

  1. 1 Bree said at 8:55 pm on October 19th, 2009:

    It’s a nice plug-in but yeah, that form is bothersome. The plugin is updated frequently, and the author has decided to override WordPress’ native functionality to auto-reactivate it. Each time All in One SEO is updated, I have to go to the plugin’s options and manually activate it. Why even have active/inactive in the plugin’s options when I can do it from my wordpress plugins page?

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