Good content is sometimes not enough, the users must reach it so they can see it's good!

You may find the posts on this website containing grammar mistakes, weird phrases, messed up topics, typos etc. Sorry about that, i hope the main idea of every article is obvious and you can’t miss it. Although i speak English, it’s not my native language so i’m not the most fluent speaker.

I don’t mind if you show me the mistakes, and help me correct them, you’ll help me and the other readers, so don’t be shy, poke me with the stick.

The user gender issue. You Americans are the most full of crap nation in the world with your “politically correct” bullshit. I tried to alternate “user” with he/she or she but it sounds awful. Therefore, I’m going to use “HE” when i’m talking about the user so that’s that, chicks can sue me.